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Volume 44, Numéro 5, 2009
ECORAD 2008 - Radioecology and Environmental Radioactivity
Page(s) 281 - 284
Publié en ligne 6 juin 2009
  • White Book 3. Facts and problems related to radioactive waste disposal in seas adjacent to the territory of the Russian Federation. Office of the President of the Russian Federation, Moscow, 1993. [Google Scholar]
  • Radioactivity in Arctic Seas. Report for the International Arctic Seas Assessment project (IASAP). International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria, 1999, 71 pp. [Google Scholar]
  • B. Salbu, A.I., Nikitin, P. Strand, G.C. Christensen, V.B. Chumichev, B. Lind, H. Fjelldal, T.D. Bergan, A.L. Rudjord, M. Sickel, N.K. Valetova and L. Føyn., Sci. Total Environ. 202 (1997) 185–98. [Google Scholar]
  • E.K. Duursma and J. Carroll. Environmental compartments, equilibria and assessment of processes between air, water, sediments and biota. Springer, Berlin, 1996, 277 pp. [Google Scholar]
  • A.I., Nikitin, S.A. Lavkovsky and Y.S. Tsaturov., “Time trend of the marine environment radioactive contamination in Abrosimov Bay of the Kara Sea (according to data of field studies in 1994 and 2002)”, 6th International Conference on Radioactivity in the Arctic and Antarctic, Nice, France, 2–6 October 2005, P. Strand, P. Borretzen and T. Jolle, Eds., pp. 190–193. [Google Scholar]

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