Open Access
Volume 55, May 2020
Coping with uncertainties for improved modelling and decision making in nuclear emergencies. Key results of the CONFIDENCE European research project
Page(s) S17 - S37
Publié en ligne 26 juin 2020
  • Beresford NA, Barnett CL, Chaplow J, Lofts S, Wells C, Brown JE, Hosseini A, Thørring H, Almahayni T, Sweeck L, Guillén J, Lind O-C, Oughton DH, Salbu B, Teien H-C, Perez-Sánchez D, Real A. 2020. CONFIDENCE overview of improvements in radioecological human food chain models and future needs. Radioprotection 55(HS1). [Google Scholar]
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  • Brown JE, Beresford NA, Hosseini A, Barnett CL. 2020. Applying process-based models to the Borssele scenario. Radioprotection 55(HS1). [Google Scholar]
  • Charnock T, Andersson K, Trueba C, Montero M. 2020. Uncertainties confronting stakeholders and decision-makers in planning intervention in urban and agricultural scenarios. Radioprotection 55(HS1). [Google Scholar]
  • Durand V, Maître M, Croüail P, Schneider T, Sala R, Marques-Nunes P, Paiva I, Monteiro Gil O, Reis M, Hilliard C, Tafili V, Twenhöfel C, van Asselt E, Trueba C, Montero M, Duranova T. 2020. Towards an improved decision-making process to better cope with uncertainties following a nuclear accident. Radioprotection 55(HS1). [Google Scholar]
  • Duranova T, Beresford NA, Perko T, Raskob W. 2020. Education and training activities in the Euratom CONFIDENCE project. Radioprotection 55(HS1). [Google Scholar]
  • Geertsema G, de Vries H, Sheele R. 2019. High resolution meteorological ensemble data for CONFIDENCE research on uncertainties in atmospheric dispersion in the (pre-)release phase of a nuclear accident. In: 19th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, 3–6 June, Bruges, Belgium. [Google Scholar]
  • Hamburger T, Gering F, Ievdin I, Schantz S, Geertsema G, de Vries H. 2020. Uncertainty propagation from ensemble dispersion simulations through a terrestrial food chain and dose model. Radioprotection 55(HS1). [Google Scholar]
  • Korsakissok I, Périllat R, Andronopoulos S, Bedwell P, Berge E, Charnock T, Geertsema G, Gering F, Hamburger T, Klein H, Leadbetter S, Lind OC, Pázmándi T, Rudas C, Salbu B, Sogachev A, Syed N, Tomas J, Ulimoen M, de Vries H, Wellings J. 2020. Uncertainty propagation in atmospheric dispersion models for radiological emergencies in the pre- and early release phase: summary of case studies. Radioprotection 55(HS1). [Google Scholar]
  • Montero M, Sala R, Trueba C, García-Puerta B, Abelshausen B, Bohunova J, Croüail P, Durand V, Duranova T, Hilliard C, Maître M, Mitrakos M, Monteiro Gil O, Nunes P, Paiva I, Reis M, Schneider T, Skuterud L, Smith V, Tafili V, Thørring H, Turcanu C, Twenhöfel C, van Asselt E. 2020. Stakeholder involvement through national panels and surveys to address the issues and uncertainties arising in the preparedness and management of the transition phase. Radioprotection 55(HS1). [Google Scholar]
  • Nisbet AF, Brown J, Howard BJ, Beresford NA, Ollagnon H, Turcanu C, Camps J, Andersson K, Rantavaara A, Ikäheimonen T, Duranova T, Oughton D, Kirchner G, Papachristodoulou C, Ioannides K, Kwakman P. 2010. Decision aiding handbooks for managing contaminated food production systems, drinking water and inhabited areas in Europe. Radioprotection 45(5 Suppl.): S23–S37. [CrossRef] [EDP Sciences] [Google Scholar]
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  • Turcanu C, Perko T, Sala R, Wolf HV, Camps J, Oughton D. 2020. Social uncertainties related to stable iodine intake in a nuclear emergency. Radioprotection 55(HS1). [Google Scholar]
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  • Woda C, Walsh L, Kaiser JC, Ulanowski A, Hamburger T, Gering F, Duranova T, Raskob W. In preparation. Cancer risk assessment for supporting decision making in the early phase of a nuclear accident − results of the scenario-based workshop of CONFIDENCE. [Google Scholar]

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