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Volume 44, Numéro 5, 2009
ECORAD 2008 - Radioecology and Environmental Radioactivity
Page(s) 849 - 852
Publié en ligne 6 juin 2009
  • Kholosha V.I., Proskura N.I., Ivanov Y.A. et al. “Comparative estimation of radioecological significance of natural and technogenic objects of exclusion zone”. In: Radiation Legacy of the 20th century: Environmental restoration (IAEA, Vienna. IAEA-TECDOC-1280. 2002) 159–170. [Google Scholar]
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  • Gaschak S.P., Maklyuk Y.A., Maksimenko A.M. et al. Features of radioactive contamination of small birds in the Chernobyl zone in 2003-2005. Radiobiology. Radioecology 48, (2008) 28–47. [Google Scholar]
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  • Makluk Yu. A., Gaschak S.P., Maksimenko A.M. et al. Estimation of 90Sr and 137Cs excretion parameters from the organism of wild and laboratory small mammals in vivo, after natural contamination in the Chernobyl Zone. Radiobiology. Radioecology. 47, (2007) 444–456. [Google Scholar]
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  • Davydchuk V.C. and Sorokina L.Yu. Map of anthropogenic changes of landscapes and actual vegetation of the Chernobyl NPP zone. Scale 1:100000. (Institute of Geography, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. 1992). [Google Scholar]
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  • Ivanov Yu.A., Kashparov V.A. Long-term dynamics of the radiological situation in terrestrial ecosystems of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Environmental science and pollution research. Sp. Iss. 1 (2003) 13–20. [Google Scholar]

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