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Volume 44, Numéro 5, 2009
ECORAD 2008 - Radioecology and Environmental Radioactivity
Page(s) 401 - 406
Publié en ligne 6 juin 2009
  • Beresford, N.A., Barnett, C.L., Howard, B.J., Rantavaara, A., Rissanen, K., Reales, N., Gallay, F., Papachristodoulou, C., Ioannides, K., Nisbet, A.F., Brown, J., Hesketh, N., Hammond, D., Oatway, W., Oughton, D., Bay, I. and Smith, J.T., Compendium of countermeasures for the management of food production systems, drinking waters and forests (2006). Available at [Google Scholar]
  • Brown, J., Andersson, K.A. and Mortimer K.T., Countermeasures for the management of inhabited areas contaminated after a radiological incident (2005). EURANOS (CAT1)-TN(05)-04 [Google Scholar]
  • HPA, UK Recovery Handbook for Radiation Incidents (2005). HPA-RPD-002 (ISBN 0-85951-559-1). Available at [Google Scholar]
  • Nisbet, A.F. and Mondon, K.J., Development of strategies for responding to environmental contamination incidents involving radioactivity: The UK Agriculture and Food Countermeasures Working Group 1997-2000 (2001). NRPB-R331 [Google Scholar]
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  • Nisbet, A.F., Mercer, J.A., Rantavaara, A., Hanninen, R., Vandecasteele, C., Carlé, B., Hardeman, F., Ioannides, K.G., Papachristodoulou C., Tzialla, C., Ollagnon, H., Jullien T. and Pupin, V., Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, Volume 83 (2005): 263–274. [Google Scholar]
  • Nisbet, A.F., Rice, H., Jones, A., Jullien, T., Pupin, V., Ollagnon, H., Hardeman, F., Carlé, B., Turcanu, C., Papachristodoulou, C., Ioannides, K., Hänninen, R., Rantavaara, A., Solatie, D., Kostiainen, E. and Oughton, D., Generic handbook for assisting in the management of contaminated food productions systems in Europe following a radiological emergency (2006). EURANOS (CAT1)-TN(06)-06. Available at [Google Scholar]
  • Andersson, K.G. and Johnsson, B., Sanering efter stora kärnkraftsolyckor (Clean-up after large nuclear power plant accidents) (in Swedish), Interactive decision support software commissioned by the Swedish Rescue Service (1999), S-651 80 Karlstad, Sweden. [Google Scholar]
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