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Volume 44, Numéro 5, 2009
ECORAD 2008 - Radioecology and Environmental Radioactivity
Page(s) 339 - 343
Publié en ligne 6 juin 2009
  • Mercat-Rommens C., Roussel-Debet S., Briand B., Durand V., Besson B., Renaud P., La sensibilité radioécologique des territoires : vers un outil opérationnel – le projet SENSIB, Radioprotection 42 (2007) 277–295. [Google Scholar]
  • Mourlon C., Calmon P., ASTRAL: a code for assessing situations after a nuclear accident, 12th annual meeting of SETAC Europe, challenges in environmental risk assessment and modelling: linking basic and applied research, Vienna (Austria), 12–16 may 2002. [Google Scholar]
  • Müller H., Pröhl G., ECOSYS-87: a dynamic model for assessing radiological consequences of nuclear accidents, Health Physics 64 (1993) 232–252. [Google Scholar]
  • Choi Y.H., Lim K.M., Yu D., Park H.G., Choi Y.G., Lee C.M., Transfer pathways of 54Mn, 57Co, 85Sr, 103Ru and 134Cs in rice and radish plants directly contaminated at different growth stages, Annals of Nuclear Energy 29 (2002) 429–446. [Google Scholar]
  • Leung J.K.C., Shang Z.R., Uptake of 137Cs and 90Sr in rice plants, Health Physics 84 (2003) 170–179. [Google Scholar]
  • Choi Y.H., Lim K.M., Choi H.J., Choi G.S., Lee H.S., Lee C.W., Plant uptake and downward migration of 85Sr and 137Cs after their deposition on to flooded rice fields: lysimeter experiments with and without the addition of KCl and lime, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 78 (2005) 35–49. [Google Scholar]
  • Choi Y.H., Lim K.M., Park H.G., Kang H.S., Lee H.S., Transfer of 137Cs to rice plants from various paddy soils contaminated under flooded conditions at different growth stages, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 80 (2005) 45–58. [Google Scholar]
  • Choi Y.H., Kang H.S., Jun I., Keum D.K., Park H.K., Choi G.S., Lee H., Lee C.W., Transfer of 90Sr to rice plants after its acute deposition onto flooded paddy soils, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 93 (2007) 157–169. [Google Scholar]

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