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Table 2

European stakeholders’ expectations: Intermediate Priority technical topics.

Rank Topics
5 Promoting individualised patient care in nuclear medicine. Procedure for evaluating patient-specific doses deliver to volumes and organs through activity uptake.
6 Improvement of target definition by better delineation of the target volume, better margins definition and better definition of the heterogeneity and of the biological volumes of the tumour at the voxel scale.
7 Modelling of patient dosimetry at the voxel scale. It is necessary to move from planned dose maps to delivered dose maps. (Treatment planning improvement, doses delivered during diagnostic and positioning imaging procedures, modelling simulations, clinical Decision Support System, Data standardisation and machine learning data base…).
8 Predicting quickly and accurately the response of tumours and normal tissues to ionising radiation using new multimodal and functional imaging and/or new biological and molecular surrogates. The development and validation of novel biomarkers will be required in order to develop treatment personalisation approaches.
9 Development of European registries of patient dose/imaging with recommended appropriate quantities (effective dose, organ dose) for radiological examinations.
10 Developing and validating operational biomarkers predictive of patient exposure – side or late adverse effects – following repeated radiological examinations, or radiotherapy protocols.
11 Optimising medical staff protection during interventional radiological procedures by ensuring proper availability and use of shielding equipment, while at the same time considering their actual effectiveness and efficacy.

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