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Table 2

Topic codes and related words in the interview.

Topic code Words related to topic code Remarks  
(A) Scientific knowledge on radiation (A-1) Effect on a human body Radiation (放射線), risk (リスク), safety (安全), danger (危険), radioactivity (放射能)  
  (A-2) Radiation in the environment Data (データ), value (数値), cycle (循環), measurement (測定), Bq (ベクレル), radiation (放射), dose (線量)  
(B) Relation with satoyama or forest (B-1) Composting fallen leaves Fallen leaf (落ち葉), compost (腐葉土, 堆肥), leaf (木の葉)  
  (B-2) Sale of timber Logs (原木), logging (伐採) Experience to obtain income through sale of timbers
  (B-3) Wild foods Shiitake mushroom (シイタケ), mushroom (キノコ), edible wild plant (山菜)  
(C) Natural hazard   Hazard (災害), heavy rain (大雨) Natural hazard such as landslide related to intensive decontamination or reducing frequency of forest usage due to non-decontamination
(D) Damage by animal   Wild boar (イノシシ), bird and anilal (鳥獣), animal (獣), monkey (サル) Rise in damage by wild animals due to decrease in forest management
(E) Forest decontamination   Remove (取り除く), forest decontamination (山の除染, 山林除染, 森林除染), nakedness (丸裸), living space (生活圏)  

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