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Table 3

The ten most cited references of the 979 publications.

Year Publication Citation count (by the 979 ALARA publications) Total citation count
2001 Brenner DJ, Elliston CD, Hall EJ, Berdon WE. 2001. Estimated risks of radiation-induced fatal cancer from pediatric CT. Am. J. Roentgenol. 176(2), 289–296. 32 1724
2001 Paterson A, Frush DP, Donnelly LF. 2001. Helical CT of the body: Are settings adjusted for pediatric patients?. Am. J. Roentgenol. 176(2): 297–301. 16 300
2000 Pierce DA, Preston DL. 2000. Radiation-related cancer risks at low doses among atomic bomb survivors. Radiat. Res. 154(2): 178–186. 15 442
2001 Donnelly LF et al. 2001. Minimizing radiation dose for pediatric body applications of single-detector helical CT: Strategies at a large children’s hospital. Am. J. Roentgenol. 176(2): 303–306. 15 334
2007 Brenner DJ, Hall EJ. 2007. Current concepts – Computed tomography – an increasing source of radiation exposure. N. Engl. J. Med. 357(22): 2277–2284. 15 4175
2003 Frush DP, Donnelly LF, Rosen NS. 2003. Computed tomography and radiation risks: What pediatric health care providers should know. Pediatrics 112(4): 951–957. 14 319
2002 Brenner DJ. 2002. Estimating cancer risks from pediatric CT: Going from the qualitative to the quantitative. Pediatr. Radiol. 32(4): 228–231. 12 321
2003 Linton OW, Mettler FA Jr. 2003. National conference on dose reduction in CT, with an emphasis on pediatric patients. Am. J. Roentgenol. 181(2): 321–329. 11 248
1996 Pierce DA, Shimizu Y, Preston DL, Vaeth M, Mabuchi K. 1996. Studies of the mortality of atomic bomb survivors. Report 12, Part I. Cancer: 1950–1990. Radiat. Res. 146(1): 1–27. 10 607
2004 Lee CI, Haims AH, Monico EP, Brink J. A, Forman HP. 2004. Diagnostic CT scans: Assessment of patient, physician, and radiologist awareness of radiation dose and possible risks. Radiology 231(2): 393–398. 10 382

ALARA, “As Low As Reasonably Achievable”.

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