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Modelling DTPA therapy following Am contamination in rats

Manuel Kastl, Olivier Grémy, Stephanie Lamart, Augusto Giussani, Wei Bo Li and Christoph Hoeschen
Radiation and Environmental Biophysics 62 (4) 483 (2023)

In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of DTPA-HPMA Copolymers as Potential Decorporating Agents for Prophylactic Therapy of Actinide Contamination

Sameer Alshehri, Wei Fan, Wenting Zhang and Jered C. Garrison
Radiation Research 198 (4) (2022)

Effects of the chelating agent DTPA on naturally accumulating metals in the body

Takako Tominaga, Satoshi Shimomura, Sakae Tanosaki, Nobuyoshi Kobayashi, Takashi Ikeda, Tetsuo Yamamoto, Taiji Tamura, Satoshi Umemura, Shiori Horibuchi-Matsusaki, Misao Hachiya and Makoto Akashi
Toxicology Letters 350 283 (2021)

Interpretation of Enhanced Fecal and Urinary Plutonium Excretion Data under a 2-y Regular DTPA Treatment Started Months after Intake

Olivier Grémy, Nicolas Blanchin and Laurent Miccoli
Health Physics 121 (5) 494 (2021)

Bringing up to date the French database of nuclear workers contaminated with plutonium and/or americium and treated with Ca-DTPA

Stephanie Lamart, Lise Carbone, Laurence Jossoud, et al.
BIO Web of Conferences 14 04011 (2019)

Americium biodistribution in rats after wound contamination with different physicochemical forms in the presence or absence of plutonium: analyses using STATBIODIS

Stephanie Lamart, Anne Van der Meeren, Olivier Grémy, et al.
Journal of Radiological Protection 39 (3) 707 (2019)

Evaluation Of Protracted Chelation Treatments To Decorporate Plutonium After Rat Lung Contamination

Laurent Miccoli, Sylvie Coudert, Pierre Laroche, et al.
BIO Web of Conferences 14 06010 (2019)

Chelation Treatment by Early Inhalation of Liquid Aerosol DTPA for Removing Plutonium after Rat Lung Contamination

Laurent Miccoli, Florence Ménétrier, Pierre Laroche and Olivier Grémy
Radiation Research 192 (6) 630 (2019)


Hideo Tatsuzaki, Takako Tominaga, Eunjoo Kim, et al.
Radiation Protection Dosimetry 182 (1) 98 (2018)

Decorporation Approach after Rat Lung Contamination with Plutonium: Evaluation of the Key Parameters Influencing the Efficacy of a Protracted Chelation Treatment

Olivier Grémy, Sylvie Coudert, Daniel Renault and Laurent Miccoli
Radiation Research 188 (5) 632 (2017)

Ex Vivo Uranium Decontamination Efficiency on Wounded Skin and In Vitro Skin Toxicity of a Calixarene-Loaded Nanoemulsion

Sophie Grives, Guillaume Phan, Guillaume Morat, et al.
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 104 (6) 2008 (2015)

Decorporation Approach Following Rat Lung Contamination with a Moderately Soluble Compound of Plutonium Using Local and Systemic Ca-DTPA Combined Chelation

Olivier Grémy, Nicolas Tsapis, Sylvie Bruel, Daniel Renault and Anne Van der Meeren
Radiation Research 178 (3) 217 (2012)

Traitement par le Ca-DTPA des contaminations internes par le plutonium et l’américium : Recommandations pour la rédaction de protocoles dans les centres CEA et AREVA

L. Grappin, J.-P. Legoff, L. Carbone, et al.
Radioprotection 44 (4) 447 (2009)

Assessing internal exposure in the absence of an appropriate model: two cases involving an incidental inhalation of transuranic elements

N. Blanchin, P. Bérard, E. Blanchardon, et al.
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Intérêt de l’évaluation de l’inhalation des émetteurs alpha par la technique des drapeaux

X. Castagnet, A. Cazoulat, F. Briot, et al.
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