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Volume 46, Numéro 6, 2011
ICRER 2011 – International Conference on Radioecology & Environmental Radioactivity: Environment & Nuclear Renaissance
Page(s) S675 - S680
Section Management and General Considerations
Publié en ligne 9 janvier 2012
  • IAOGP (2008): International Association of Oil and Gas Producers. Guidelines for the management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) in the Oil & Gas Industry Report No. 412. [Google Scholar]
  • Michalik B. (2004): Environmental pollution caused by natural radioactivity occurring in mining industry – the scale of the problem. Sustainable Post-Mining Land Management, Edited by: Euromines, CBPM CUPRUM Wrocław and Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute Polish Academy of Science, Kraków – Wrocław, p. 145–154. [Google Scholar]
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  • Gäfvert, T. and Færevik, I. (2005). Natural Radioactivity in Produced Water from the Norwegian Oil and Gas Industry in 2003. NRPA Report 2005:2. [Google Scholar]

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