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Volume 46, Numéro 6, 2011
ICRER 2011 – International Conference on Radioecology & Environmental Radioactivity: Environment & Nuclear Renaissance
Page(s) S29 - S34
Section Getting and Processing Data
Publié en ligne 9 janvier 2012
  • Hjerpe, T., Ikonen, A.T.K. & Broed, R. Biosphere assessment report 2009. Posiva Oy, Report 2010-03 (2010) 1-185. [Google Scholar]
  • Eronen, M., Glückert, G., van de Plassche, O., van de Plicht, J. and Rantala, P. Land uplift in the Olkiluoto-Pyhäjärvi area, southwestern Finland, during last 8000 years. Nuclear Waste Commission of Finnish Power Companies, Report YJT95-17 (1995) 1-26. [Google Scholar]
  • Haapanen, R., Aro, L., Kirkkala, T., Koivunen, S., Lahdenperä, A.-M. and Paloheimo, A. Potential reference mires and limnic ecosystems to be used in landscape modelling on the Olkiluoto site. Posiva Oy, Working Report 2010-67 (2010) 1-218. [Google Scholar]
  • Ilus, E. Environmental effects of thermal and radioactive discharges from nuclear power plants in the boreal brackish-water conditions of the northern Baltic Sea. STUK - Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, STUK-A283(2009) 1-372. [Google Scholar]
  • Haapanen, R., Aro, L., Helin, J., Hjerpe, T., Ikonen, A.T.K., Kirkkala, T., Koivunen, S., Lahdenperä A-M., Puhakka, L., Rinne, M. and Salo, T. Olkiluoto Biosphere Description 2009. Posiva Oy, Report 2009-02 (2009) 1-416. [Google Scholar]
  • Hosseini, A. Thørring, H., Brown, J.E., Saxén, R. Ilus, E. Transfer of radionuclides in aquatic ecosystems – Default concentration ratios for aquatic biota in the Erica Tool. J. Environ. Radioact. 99 (2008) 1408-1429. [Google Scholar]
  • Torudd, J. Long term radiological effects on plants and animals of a deep geological repository. Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB, Technical ReportTR-10-08(2010) 1-84. [Google Scholar]
  • Kumblad, L., Bradshaw, C. Element composition of biota, water and sediment in Forsmark area, Baltic sea. Concentrations, bioconcentration factors and partitioning coefficients (Kd) of 48 elements. Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB, Technical Report TR-08-09 (2009) 1-109. [Google Scholar]

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