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Table 2

ICRP ethical values (ICRP, 2018).

Core ethical values underpinning the system of radiological protection
Beneficence/Non-maleficence Prudence Justice Dignity
To promote or do good/to avoid doing harm To make informed and carefully considered choices without the full knowledge of the scope and consequences of an action The upholding of what is right, equitable, and fair The value and respect that every person has and deserves regardless of her/his age, sex, health, social condition, ethnic origin, religion, etc.
Procedural values
Accountability Transparency Inclusiveness  
The obligation of individuals or organisations who are in charge of decision making to answer for their actions to all those who are likely to be affected, including reporting on their activities, accepting responsibility, and accounting for actions taken and the consequences, if necessary Accessibility of information about the deliberations and decisions concerning potential or on-going activities, and the honesty with which this information is transmitted Ensuring that all those concerned are given the opportunity to participate in discussions, deliberations, and decision-making concerning situations that affect them  

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