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Table 2

Overview of case studies on RP culture.

Country Description of case study
France Study of actions undertaken in the framework of CODIRPA (Steering Committee for the Management of the Post-Accident Phase of a Nuclear Accident) set up by French Safety Authority (ASN) focused on the dissemination of RP culture. More specifically, a study of several working groups involving various types of stakeholders (high school students, civil society members, NGOs, RP experts, health professionals) in the preparedness for post-accident situations.
Italy Study of actions undertaken in different hospitals for the preparedness to radiological emergency management in the framework of Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Radiological (CBNR) emergency planning. The study is based on document analysis, focusing on documents produced by local and regional health institutions.
Slovak Republic Study of building of RP culture through actions (workshops, seminars, training courses, technical visits) undertaken to improve and strengthen the emergency and post-accident preparedness and recovery management at national, regional and local levels. These actions were part of European and national projects enhancing EPR & R.
Belarus Study of radiological protection knowledge and culture in education (primary and secondary schools, universities) and in public information/mass media, after the Chernobyl accident. This case study focuses on actions undertaken by educational professionals.

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