We supply a complete range of instrumentation, services and systems for radiation detection, measurement, diagnostics and protection (Health Physics and Active Dosimetry). APVL is continuously attentive to technical developments and to your current and coming needs in order to think the best solutions.


AREVA NP-LEA fabricates and delivers medical and industrial sources for calibration and radioprotection. The laboratory supplies and installs high activity sources. In order to satisfy our customers, all our activities are performed in compliance with safety and security requirements.


Since 1949, BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES designs & develops Monitoring equipment to measure radioactivity, Dose rate meters, Contamination Monitors, Combined Monitoring Systems. BERTHOLD is present in various markets such as : Research, Health Physics, Nuclear Industry, Defence, Environmental monitoring.


Since 1990, ELSE NUCLEAR is the Italian leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art radiation detectors and environmental monitoring systems. One of the company’s major value and goal is to support and advice the customers in the definition of the best answer to their requirements, from the preliminary design and development to the manufacturing and installation process.



For over 60 years, LANDAUER® has been the trusted provider of life-sensitive information in dosimetry.

In the healthcare, energy and industry sectors, over 1.8 million people in the world trust LANDAUER for the measurement of their exposure to ionising radiation.


A partner with the main players of the nuclear industry in France and abroad, Saphymo has remained one of the leaders in the field of radioactivity measuring equipment for over 30 years. Saphymo offers a complete range of modern and reliable products: dosimeters, survey meters, personnel and vehicle radiation portal monitors, environment beacons and probes.

SDEC France

Since the 90’s, SDEC France has produced and sold a wide range of equipments for radiation monitoring in air, water and soils. Thanks to its technical expertise and experience, SDEC offers its customers all over the world high quality products and technical solutions adapted to each problem or need, in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system.