Radioprotection - Forthcoming

  • The evolution of the reference monetary value of the man.sievert at Électricité de France
    S. Andresz, T. Jobert and C. Schieber
    Accepted: 06/08/2022
  • Assessment of Pediatric Radiation Doses in Brain CT Procedures
    Omemh Bawazeer, Rawan Saleem, Marwan Alhazmi, Naseem Asiri, Taghreed Mohammed, Abdulrhman Alsaab, Merfat Algethami, Anas Sedayo and Abdulwali Ajlouni
    Accepted: 01/08/2022
  • The role of topogram views on dose indices and image quality in thorax and abdomen-pelvis CT scan
    D. Hadipour, A.S. Monfared, A. Ebrahiminia, K.E. Gorji, N. Ghaemian and F. Niksirat
    Accepted: 31/07/2022
  • Le modèle linéaire sans seuil peut-il s'appliquer en radiothérapie ?
    Accepted: 13/07/2022
  • Occupational Radiation Exposure Monitoring in Several Medical Departments
    N. Alomairy
    Accepted: 13/07/2022