Radioprotection - Forthcoming

  • The relationship between geographical region and perceptions of radiation risk after the Fukushima accident: The mediational role of knowledge
    Y. Kashiwazaki, Y. Takebayashi and M. Murakami
    Accepted: 22/09/2021
  • Évaluation des conditions techniques et des mesures de radioprotection lors de la réalisation des radiographies thoraciques pédiatriques au Togo
    K. Adambounou, B. N’timon, A. Kouamé-Koutouan, K. Sedo, A.M.Y. Adigo, K. Kluyibo, P.A. Ouedraogo and K. Adjenou
    Accepted: 10/09/2021
  • Benefits and challenges of standard ceiling-mounted surface guided radiotherapy systems for breast treatments on Halcyon™
    D. Nguyen, J. Farah, F. Josserand-Pietri, N. Barbet and M. Khodri
    Accepted: 06/09/2021