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Radioprotection adopte le modèle « Subscribe to Open » de publication en open access

Michel Bourguignon and Jean-Marc Bertho
Radioprotection 58 (1) 1 (2023)

Ethical and societal aspects of radiological protection for offspring and next generations

F. Zölzer, T. Schneider, E. Ainsbury, A. Goto, L. Liutsko, G. O’Reilly and J. Lochard
International Journal of Radiation Biology 1 (2023)

Thoughts, perceptions and concerns of coastal residents regarding the discharge of tritium-containing treated water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the Pacific Ocean

Varsha Hande, Makiko Orita, Hitomi Matsunaga, Yuya Kashiwazaki, Xu Xiao, Thierry Schneider, Jacques Lochard, Yasuyuki Taira and Noboru Takamura
BMC Public Health 23 (1) (2023)

Importance of improving radiation risk perception during reconstruction of Futaba town at 11 years after lifting of Fukushima nuclear accident evacuation orders

V. Hande, M. Orita, H. Matsunaga, Y. Kashiwazaki, X. Xiao, Y. Taira and N. Takamura
Radioprotection 58 (4) 261 (2023)

Medical preparedness and response for a nuclear or radiological emergency: an assessment study in selected hospitals of the ministry of health across Saudi Arabia

A. M. Assiri, M. Almalki, N. Shubayr, A. Alqahtani, R. Darwish, F. Alotaibi, M. Alanazi, M. Alzahrani, S. Alrumyan and Y. Alghamdi
Radioprotection 58 (4) 281 (2023)

Impacts of environmental decontamination on the rebuilding of returnees’ lives after the Fukushima accident

Momo Takada, Yujiro Kuroda, Yumiko Kanai and Tetsuo Yasutaka
Journal of Radiological Protection 43 (3) 031513 (2023)

Report on the 24th Fukushima Dialogue “Creating the Future of Fukushima Together With The Next Generation”

R. Ando, Y. Koyama, T. Kobayashi, D. Sasaki, N. Akimoto, T. Schneider, J. Lochard and Y. Kanai
Radioprotection 58 (3) 161 (2023)

The NERIS roadmap: research challenges in emergency preparedness, response and recovery

A. Bexon, S. Andronopoulos, P. Croüail, M. Montero Prieto, D. Oughton, W. Raskob and C. Turcanu
Radioprotection 58 (3) 169 (2023)

The Identification, Diagnosis, Prospective, and Action (IDPA) Method for Facilitating Dialogue between Stakeholders: Application to the Radiological Protection Domain

Jacques Lochard, Win Thu Zar, Michiaki Kai and Ryoko Ando
Journal of Radiation Protection and Research 48 (3) 107 (2023)

An analysis of the desire to make radiation measurements and to dialogue with experts among the residents of Tomioka town, Fukushima Prefecture: about the implementation of the co-expertise process

W. Thu Zar, H. Matsunaga, X. Xiao, J. Lochard, M. Orita and N. Takamura
Radioprotection 58 (2) 79 (2023)

Le retour d’expérience devrait être érigé en principe fondamental de la radioprotection / Experience feedback should be established as a fundamental principle of radiological protection

Michel Bourguignon
Radioprotection 57 (4) 271 (2022)