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Table 4

Description of environmental source terms for Spanish NPP with PWR.

Source term name MA-SBO-173
Reactor type PWR
Initiating event STATION BLACKOUT – total loss of AC power
Description of scenario Running out of batteries 24 h after accident initiation – dry out of SG's;
Core damaged;
RPV failure – start of MCCI;
CONT not damaged – depressurization of CONT by filtered venting;
Begin of release (after end of chain reaction) 32 h
Duration of release 48 h (first) + 14 h (filtered venting) + 12 h (last) = 74 h
Total release
   131I 8.6 PBq
   137Cs 1.7 PBq
   133Xe 2 610.0 PBq
Radiological equivalent of 131I activitya 88.7 PBq
INES category 7

Radiological equivalent of the 131I has been calculated according to INES (2009) methodology.