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Preliminary analyses of radiophotoluminescence centers in a recently developed Ag-doped alkali-phosphate glass (SAPANS)

Hiroshi Yasuda, Hiroki Kawamoto, Keisuke Asai and Yasuhiro Koguchi
Radiation Measurements 174 107134 (2024)

Estimation of elapsed time after an unnoticed radiation exposure using the weathering resistant radiophotoluminescence glass (SAPANS)

Hiroshi Yasuda, Chryzel Angelica B. Gonzales and Soheil Aghabaklooei
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Thermal effects on the time build-up patterns of a weather resistant radiophotoluminescence glass (SAPANS)

Hiroshi Yasuda and Yuuki Sakai
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Time Build-Up Properties of the Weathering Resistant Radiophotoluminescence Glass (Sapans)

Hiroshi Yasuda and Masaru Iwao
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Femtosecond Direct Laser Writing of Silver Clusters in Phosphate Glasses for X-ray Spatially-Resolved Dosimetry

Joelle Harb, Théo Guérineau, Adriana Morana, et al.
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Characterization of CaSiO3:Ce crystals for α- and X-ray detection

Fumiya Nakamura, Prom Kantuptim, Daisuke Nakauchi, et al.
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 60 (12) 122005 (2021)

Dosimetric properties of an environmental H*(10) dosemeter based on radiophotoluminescence of silver doped phosphate glass

Frank Assenmacher, Elisa Musto and Eduardo G. Yukihara
Radiation Measurements 138 106468 (2020)

Build-up of radiophotoluminescence (RPL) in Ag-doped phosphate glass in real-time both during and after exposure to ionizing radiation: A proposed model

Stephen W.S. McKeever, Sergey Sholom, Nishan Shrestha and David M. Klein
Radiation Measurements 132 106246 (2020)


M Hajek, M Sugiyama, G Kolb, D M Tucker and M Pinak
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S.W.S. McKeever, S. Sholom, N. Shrestha and D.M. Klein
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Silver centers luminescence in phosphate glasses subjected to X‐Rays or combined X‐rays and femtosecond laser exposure

Théo Guérineau, Francesca Cova, Yannick Petit, Alain Abou Khalil, Alexandre Fargues, Marc Dussauze, Sylvain Danto, Anna Vedda, Lionel Canioni and Thierry Cardinal
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In situ ion-beam-induced luminescence analysis for evaluating a micrometer-scale radio-photoluminescence glass dosimeter

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A radioactive contamination monitoring system with a bead-type radiophotoluminescence glass dosimeter

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Radiophotoluminescence light scope for high-dose dosimetry

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